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Hi Richard (I think thats your name. I got your site details from your cousin Rachel Bush. I used to work with Rachel at the Corn Exchange. We started a little scam last year similar to your Little Mickey one. Ours involves Snowy - a cute fluffy Little Owl (toy). He has been travelling the world with friends and had pics taken. These are the then scanned into the PC and sent to Snowy's 'owner' Jason (Corn Exchange Front of House Manager). The best bit being that Jason does not know where Snowy is or who is behind the scam (he is 90% sure who it is!!).
My question being how did u set up your website as we would like Snowy to have one? The Little Mickey site is brill ! Drop us a mail.

(Stephen Monsey-Cribb - Joint Snowy Kidnapper)

Posted by Stephen Monsey-Cribb at June 29, 2003 10:41 PM

Hi Stephen -
Thanks for the kind words. Little Mikey was a wedding present who was very excited about coming on honeymoon...

Running is a little involved: I'm running Movable Type software ( hosted on a Linux based server in California (, after registering the domain at Go Daddy ( (It helps to be involved in IT!)

A simpler (and cheaper) approach is to use Blogger ( - which is what powered the old site.

Good luck!

Posted by Sharpey at July 4, 2003 11:50 AM
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